USS Rankin (AKA-103)
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Other Photos from the 2004 Reunion...
Scroll down this page to see photos taken by people who attended our first reunion in Norfolk.
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The Lobby of the Hilton Norfolk Airport

Registration Desk

George Meinig in the Hospitality Suite

Friday's Dinner
There were about 275 people in attendance tonight, and almost 300 at Saturday's banquet.

Navy Base Tour - a 21st Century Gator Freighter
There ARE no more AKAs or APAs. Gator ships have flight decks and LSD-style well decks, sometimes on the same ship. Also no more boiler rooms -- almost all ships are powered by gas turbine engines.

Norfolk Tour - Entering Nauticus
Nauticus is an ocean-themed museum on the waterfront in downtown Norfolk, right next to the battleship USS Wisconsin.

Color Guard at Saturday's banquet
They are from the Top Hatters Squadron, Naval Sea Cadets, Norfolk, VA.
James R Johnston, CDR, USNR, Advisor/Commander.

WWII-era shipmates
On the left is Melvin Munch. In the middle is Al Reid. Who are the others?

Patriotic Entertainment
The Just Friends Trio, from Norfolk, VA

Skip Sander calls all hands to the passageway for group pictures

A crowd of WWII-era guys
Who's got some names for us?

More WWII-era guys
The officer in uniform is Paul Allen, who as an Ensign in 1946 was the Supply Officer. In the front row with raised knee is Abe Levine. On the floor next to him is V. Harley Miles. Smiling behind the two of them is Allen Reid. To the right of him is Bob Gragan, and on the end to the right is Melvin Munch. We need help with the others.

Early 1950s (Jill Breslau, holding a photo of Max, was an infant at the time)
Others are Frank Trojan on the scooter and Ed Gaskell, in the Commander's stripes, plus Fred Golingan in the Chief's uniform. Left rear is ENS Dave Wakelee, right rear is Gunnar Hansen. Fifth from the left in the rear is Halver Becken.

Early 1960s
Front row: John Mazzarini, RM3; Wayne Ranes, RM3; Jim Izyk, RMSA; Jack Nelson, RM3. Seated behind Mazzarini is Will Overall, ET2. Standing (treated as one row): Mike Lipp, ET2; Tom Baird, LT; James Delbaugh, RMSN; Dave Stone, LTJG; Bob Devault, SM2; Ralph Ayasse, SMSN; Bob Hansen, RM3; John Hakala, ET2

Delegation from "The San Juan 28" plus John Beck and Dick Eldridge
Seated: LT John Beck, LCDR Ben Pester, LT Gary Montalbine, LT Tom Baird. Standing (treated as one row): LTJG Dick Eldridge, LTJG Bob Reynolds, LTJG Charles Brown, LTJG Dave Stone, LTJG Bill Len, LTJG John Feeley, LTJG Jack Raso, LTJG H. Ed Miller, LTJG(SC) George Berninger, LTJG Skip Sander

Captain Exum and some of his guys
Seated: LT Bob Hopper, CAPT John Exum, LT Dusty Rhodes. Standing: LT Mike Williams, SFP2 Homar Hall, LTJG Mike Fulton, ENS/LTJG Dan Oroz, LTJG Ron Casteel, LTJG John Tracy, LTJG Rod Brown, LTJG Bill Thompson. (Names courtesy of Dan Oroz)

John Exum and MORE of his guys
Some are identified in the photo above. The distinguished-looking gray-haired man standing third from the right is LT (?) Ollie Bates. Other names would be welcome.

Five Friends
L to R: Stringer, T. Douthit, Taylor, Plumb, W. Douthit

Sunday Breakfast

Memorial Service

Honor Roll
Ed Miller read the names of over 200 Rankin shipmates known to be deceased. Very moving.

Here's the name tag and city tag that were provided to reunion attendees:

If you are a plankowner, you got one of these, too...
The photos above are from the USS Rankin's 2004 Reunion in Norfolk, Virginia


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