USS Rankin (AKA-103)
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Other Photos from the 2005 Reunion...
Scroll down this page to see photos taken by people who attended our reunion in San Diego.
CLICK HERE for quick instructions on scrolling through the photos and zooming to make them larger or smaller on your screen.
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Lorraine & Abe Levine, Jack & Barbara Raso, Meg Feeley
Pat Reding, ???, Rod Williamson
View of sea lions from the SEALs
View of passengers on the SEALs
???, Doris Golingan, Harry Zimmer
Harry & Norma Zimmer, Lola & Pete Gersbacher, Skip Sander, Martha Lacy, Ed Stith
Aboard USS Decatur. Roger Crane in green.
Aboard USS Decatur
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)
USS Ronald Reagan
Janice Reding, Rod Williamson, ???, ???, hand, Rose Marie Draper
Disbursing Officer from USS Decatur, others unknown
Earl Gimpel, Dean Gordinier, Sondra Gordinier, Meg Feeley
All Unknown

The photos above are from the USS Rankin's 2005 Reunion in San Diego


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