USS Rankin (AKA-103)
How to Get Copies of Navy Crew Lists

"How to Get Copies of Navy Crew Lists (And How to Find the People Whose Names Are on the Lists)" is a comprehensive guide to acquiring lists of officers and enlisted crew members of U. S. Navy ships. Focusing on the years 1941-1970, it tells very specifically where the lists are archived, what they contain, and how to go about getting copies. It includes sample pages from actual crew lists, sample Internet searches for people whose names are on such lists, and other useful illustrations.

Based on the USS Rankin Association's success in finding 1,500 former shipmates out of the 3,859 who served aboard the ship, including every one of the 437 officers, it is an indispensable guide for Navy reunion groups, or for anyone who is looking for lists of former shipmates.

CLICK HERE to see this publication in its entirety. While you are viewing it, you can use your browser to print it or to download it as a 6MB PDF file.

You can order bound copies for $10 each from The USS Rankin Association, 153 Mayer Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. Make checks payable to The USS Rankin Association.