USS Rankin (AKA-103)
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How to Help

FINDING MISSING SHIPMATES  Our biggest need is to find shipmates, alive or deceased, who we haven't yet learned about. If you know about someone we haven't located, please let us know by email or by telephone at 412-367-1376.  

Click Here to see complete rosters of all USS Rankin shipmates, living, deceased, and unknown. (Our rosters haven't been updated for several years, so some have been found and some have died since then.)

ONGOING NEEDS  We are always looking for new material to post on this site. Of particular interest are:

Any film or videotape of the Rankin or her crew. We can turn it into a DVD and make it widely available.
Any sort of cruise book, newspaper article, or other formal mention of the Rankin
Large group photos from any time, especially if they include names
New terms, especially colorful and/or salty ones, for the Naval Terminology section
Anything about Rankin's role in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962
Anything about the Apollo 8 Recovery Mission of 1968
Any other photos, souvenirs, or memorabilia you may have or know about
If you provide us with material, we can photograph or scan it, and return it to you very quickly, often overnight. (Sometimes we have a backlog, however. If you want your material back quickly, please let us know.) We will treat your material with the greatest possible care, and we will be happy to pay the postage both ways.
Send your material to:
The USS Rankin Association
c/o Louis "Skip" Sander
153 Mayer Drive
Pittsburgh, PA  15237
It's best to let us know in advance about anything you'd like to send. Click Here to send us an email.