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Performance Checks
This information can help you optimize your experience of this and other web sites.  It provides easy-to-use checks, adjustments, and instructions for:
Screen Resolution
Browser Text Size
Internet Connection Speed
If the pages on this web site just don't look right, or if things seem too large or too small, your Screen Resolution and Browser Text Size may need to be adjusted.
If your printed pages don't look right, our Printer Check can help you fix them.
This site includes hundreds of photographs and numerous sounds, in both WAV and MP3 formats. Although testers report that our pictures and sounds download acceptably fast even over dialup connections, the faster your connection to the Internet, the faster these items will download. If you are having trouble with them, you should try our Sound Check and Internet Connection Check.

Screen Resolution Check
This page has measured your screen resolution as follows:
If your resolution is something other than 800x600 or 1024x768, or if things just don't look right on your screen, you may want to change your screen resolution.
Click Here to see how to do that, and to see a ruler that lets you measure your screen independently.

Browser Text Size Check
Your browser can be set to display text in different sizes. This web site is optimized for Internet Explorer's MEDIUM text size (or Netscape's equivalent 100% text size.)
Your current setting is indicated by the red arrow on the scale below. You can change it by clicking View on the menu bar, then selecting Text Size. A submenu will appear to let you select a size.


The Text Size setting does not affect the display of graphics such as photographs or our screen rulers. It does affect the text in any printouts you may make.

Printer Check
Printed web pages often look different than when they were viewed on the screen. Sometimes they look very different.  Click Here for a printer test that can help you manage the difference.  

 Sound Checks
This site uses two types of sounds, and it's useful to make certain your system can play them.
Click the PLAY button below to hear Naval authority L. Frederick Sander say the words "Mary had a little lamb." This 1.4 second sound bite is played from a 16K monaural 8-bit unsigned WAV file.

Click the PLAY button below to hear Naval authority Sir Winston Churchill say the words "This was their finest hour." This 2.7 second sound bite is played from a 14K monaural MP3 file recorded at 22050 hZ with a 40 kBps sampling rate.

Internet Connection Check
Click here to test the speed of your Internet connection. You will be connected to an external site that specializes in such tests.

These pages Copyright 2003-2012, Louis F. Sander. Click Here to tell him what you think of them.

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