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Printer Test
Print this page to see how other pages from this site will look when you print them out. (If you prefer, you can look at the page in the File menu's Print Preview view. Print Preview can be very useful with any page you intend to print.)
The rulers will show how many pixels your printer will print across the page and from top to bottom.
If the margins on the printed page are too small or too large, you can use the Page Setup dialog box to change them. You can access it from the File menu or by clicking the icon on the Print Preview toolbar.
If changing the margins still doesn't give you page that you like, you can try changing the View menu's Text Size setting—your changes will be reflected in the printed document, just as they are on the screen.
If your page still isn't satisfactory, you can try removing the Header and/or Footer, or changing the size and Portrait/Landscape orientation of your paper.