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The Photo Gallery is a collection of photographs, articles, cruise books and other material pertaining to the Rankin and her people. Counting the pictures in the cruise books, the gallery holds about 1,500 Rankin-related images.
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New Items 
These are the newest photos and other items on the web site. We put them here for a while before we move them to their regular place in the Photo Gallery.  

Photos and memorabilia from the Rankin's earliest days, including pictures of the commissioning ceremony in 1945.

Photos and memorabilia from the Rankin's Korean War recommissioning days. Includes the Commissioning Ceremony program, photos from pre-commissioning through the Rankin's first operational cruise, plus additional pictures. Also includes instructions for action to take in case of atomic attack.

Pictures mostly from Howard Urband, a junior officer at the time.

A very nice article appeared in the January, 1959 issue of All Hands. Somebody also took some good pictures of gunfire practice. We added some cool sound effects to the latter.

1959 Cruise Book 
This 60-page cruise book was published to commemorate Rankin's trip to the Mediterranean in the summer of 1959.

Personal photos from a Caribbean cruise, a program booklet from the ceremony bestowing the Rankin's Gold E, and an article praising the Rankin and designating her as Ship of the Month.

Various items from 1962-63, including Change of Command from CAPT Howe to CAPT Leidel.

Wecome Aboard pamphlet, newspaper articles, and other memorabilia from 1965. The newspaper articles freature the U. S. intervention in the Dominican Republic.

Most of these are personal photos taken by ENS/LTJG Jim Cusick during 1966-67. They include pictures of life aboard ship and on Caribbean cruises, with notable shots of a Soviet spy trawler, the Rankin in drydock, and a former officer featured in Life magazine.

1969 Cruise Book 
Cruise Books are often published to commemorate long or special cruises. They are filled with pictures of the ship's personnel and their activities at sea and in port. The editor, usually one of the ship's junior officers, provides the written comments. This 80-page cruise book was published to commemorate the Med cruise of July-December, 1969.

1970 Cruise Book 
Cruise Books are explained immediately above. This one was published to commemorate the Rankin's last cruise, a cruise to the Mediterranean from July to December, 1970. The ship was decommissioned five months later. A copy of the cruise book was provided by Stu Rhodes, EN2.

1988 - She Sinks! 
Pictures and stories of the Rankin's sinking off the coast of Stuart, Florida.

Pictures from several early-1990s reunions organized by Jim Landreth, MMC, plus more recent items of interest about the USS Rankin.  

51 Years of AKAs 
A brief history of the Attack Cargo Ship / Amphibious Cargo Ship, from USS Arcturus
(AKA-1), commissioned in 1943, to USS El Paso (LKA-117), removed from service in 1994.

Miscellaneous Photos 
Pictures of the ship, her people, her ports, and various memorabilia, plus other ships associated with the Rankin. Click any page to visit it.

1963-1964 Gary Kortkamp Polaroids 
Over 60 nice photos of the ship and a few liberty ports, from these and maybe other years. Sent to us by ENS/LTJG Gary Kortkamp. Good photos of CIC, bridge, engine room, etc. More good ones of San Juan and the Santo Domingo inauguration trip.

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