USS Rankin (AKA-103)
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1990s Reunions Virginia Beach

Retired Chief Jim Landreth organized some excellent USS Rankin reunions in the early 1990s. Scroll down to see some photos taken at one of them. Our knowledge of these reunions is very sketchy -- if you know anything about any of them, please let us know.

From left to right, these reunion buddies are believed to be Don Macfarlane,
unknown, Larry Blunt, and Ron Owens

Three friends at an early 1990s reunion. Let us know if you can identify them.

USS Wisconsin (BB-64) was moored at Norfolk Naval Base during this reunion. Now she's an attraction on the Norfolk waterfront.

USS Nassau (LHA-4) was in port during the reunion. The sailors called her a "gator freighter."

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Finally, they sat still for a picture. Or half a picture, at least

The pictures above are from a USS Rankin  reunion held in Virginia Beach during the early 1990s
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