USS Rankin (AKA-103)
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Time Line
Please help us pin down the key events in the USS Rankin's 24 years as a commissioned ship. What we know is summarized below, and you can help us expand our knowledge.

We are interested in any and all information about cruises made, ports visited, significant events, and so forth. If you have personal photos or memorabilia, we'd like to know what you have.

Click here to send us email about what you know or what you have. You can also call Skip Sander at (412) 367-1376.
10/31, laid down; 12/22, launched. Somewhere there are reports of this. We want them.
1/25, acquired by the Navy; 2/25, commissioned. Who has news of the commissioning? A detailed list of 1945 sailings is in the Ship's History section of this web site.
On 3/24/12, Al Hurwitz, who was a welder on the Rankin in 1946-1947, called and shared these reminiscences:
     In mid-1946, the ship was in drydock in Vallejo, CA. When she left, she headed for San Diego, where some of the ship's officers brought aboard a number of old automobiles which they hoped to sell in Japan. As the Rankin sailed from San Diego to Japan, she got caught in a typhoon where she did a 44 degree roll, lost an LCVP, and had a gun tub crushed by the weather. After all this, the CO was relieved by the XO.
      A second typhoon hit when the ship was anchored just outside Tokyo Bay. She dragged anchor and hit another ship's anchor chain, cracking one blade of her screw. The ship could only make 8 knots after this event. She pulled into Yokosuka, where she unloaded the officers' cars. After this adventure, the ship visited northern China and evacuated some US Marines and their tanks. During some very cold weather, the forward ballast tanks froze and had to be cut open (by Al Hurwitz).
5/21, Decommissioned. Who has a program for the ceremony?
Out of commission, 1948-1951
3/22, Recommissioned. Do you have a program for the ceremony?
Beirut, Lebanon. We have much general information, but very little specific to the Rankin.
2/27, began six month Med Cruise. We have a cruise book.
September, began shipyard overhaul in Brooklyn, New York
10/26 - 12/11, Cuban Missile Crisis. We have general descriptions, but no specific Rankin info
1/7-3/7, Caribbean cruise; we have crew and officer photos. April-June, training & yard period.
January, Guantanamo Bay training. 9/28-12/3, Steel Pike I, off Spain
Tender availability, USS Amphion (AR-13); 4/26-4/30, Dominican Republic Intervention. We have lots of general info on this, but very little specific to Rankin.
December, said to have performed launch support, U.S. Navy Recovery Force, Apollo 8 Moon Orbital Flight. Need more information about this. Is it true? Who has details?
1/1, redesignated LKA-103. Late July-12/13, Med Cruise.
Eastern seaboard operations. July-12/14 Med Cruise.
5/11 decommissioned. Who has details? A program?
Out of commission, 1972-1987
7/24 sunk as an artificial reef. We have a video!

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